Building Your Brand On Instagram

instagram-logo-300x300Social media is more than just a platform to make connections and measure your popularity these days. A steady number of mainstream businesses have been aligning their core marketing strategies around established social media platforms like Instagram. Individuals or entities that manage to garner a significant following on Instagram are considered to be influential in promoting a brand and they are entitled to various benefits, which include having access to apps such as Popular Pays. Popular Pays is an application that can facilitate connections between brands and individuals who have at least 500 followers on Instagram. The brands pays these Instragram “stars” to post pictures or any content associated with the brand.

Building Your Brand on Instagram:

tumblr_m8uthlj2kZ1qm4rc3Depending on the brand and the content that needs to be posted, individuals with a sizable following can definitely look forward to making serious money in cold cash on a consistent basis assuming the following continues to grow at a steady rate. According to article from MacWorld, a teenager was reported to be making in the vicinity of $15,000 or more from just his social media following since he had a fan following that gave him the credibility to be considered as an “influencer” by Instagram, which translates as somebody who is capable of setting new trends and giving a new brand a good break by influencing his followers to buy specific merchandise.

This is just one example of how a significant fan following on Instagram can make terrific sense from any vantage point. Be it enhancing your swag factor or making some serious money, increasing the number of your Instagram followers is definitely a good investment of your time.

However, not everybody has the chunks to achieve such a following. So, can you buy your way in to this prestigious club? You definitely can!

You can hire a service to sell you Instagram followers for you. You can boost your following from 100 to 10,000 in no time. However, to retain your legitimacy, you need to follow a specific game plan when going about it. Here are the steps you need to follow:

Build a legitimate following:

First of all you need to have a legitimate account with legitimate followers. You need to have a strategy in place to attract a reasonable amount of followers in an organic fashion. You can hire a social media expert to take care of this for you. Your Instagram needs to have a central theme and your posts need to revolve around this theme. You will need to post on a regular basis at a strategic time in a frequency of at least two posts daily. Once you have achieved a small and yet significant number of organic followers, you can proceed to buy instagram followers from a reputable company such as 24 Online Service.

What to Watch for:

· Ask friends or other companies who have used a service and ensure you have a legitimate service.

· Make sure you use a secure credit card to carry out the transaction.

· Make sure you have a guarantee policy in place so your followers don’t disappear overnight.

· You may have to pay something in the range of five to ten cents for a follower depending on the package.

· Make sure you get the terms and conditions document and read through it thoroughly.

· Buy followers in small batches. A sudden surge in followers overnight will betray your purchase.

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