Getting Cheap Car Insurance in the UK

cheap car insuranceInsurance regulations in the United Kingdom are strictly regulated so drivers who have a vehicle registered in this country must insure it promptly or risk severe penalties. Because insurance can be expensive, many drivers in the UK are interested in less expensive options. These options may help to lower costs.

Get Multiple Quotes:

Choose a car insurance broker who is registered with the British Insurance Brokers’ Association. These brokers facilitate a match between customers and insurance companies. According to the association, all insurance brokers must be independent and put consumer interests first in their business. This is a good start to finding inexpensive insurance options.

Get Individualized Quotes:

auto insuranceSince it may be easier to find less expensive rates through an individualized approach, search for these companies only. Some of the top rated insurers for cars in the UK include ASDA, Admiral, John Lewis Insurance, and eCar. However, this list is certainly not extensive and many variables determine the insurance costs for a car.

Conduct a Comparison:

The lowest price may seem appealing but it doesn’t necessarily mean that a driver is getting the best possible deal. In fact, low premiums often indicate that coverage is minimal at best. A high deductible can lower the monthly cost of insurance but car owners must determine if they can afford to pay the deductible in the case of an accident. Look for multiple discounts that may apply to either the driver or the vehicle itself. Anti-theft devices, car park access, marital status, and multiple car discounts are all ways to save money on car insurance.

Talk to Companies:

Inquiring about discounts is never wrong and can be a good way to find savings that are not published on sites. Some companies are willing to provide discounts for young and new drivers, especially if certain conditions are met like a good academic record or low annual mileage. Companies may even have introductory offers for women who may be making their first insurance purchase but have previously been named as drivers on other policies. These discounts are available but may not be advertised so it’s always a good idea to inquire.


This site is one of the best tools for drivers to find cheap car insurance online with just a few minutes. With this site compare prices from over 120 insurers in the country. It’s easy to find out how to save money by seeing an easily-viewed comparison of prices and coverage from these insurers. For drivers who are limited in time or want to save themselves hours of hassle, using this site makes it easy to shop around. After seeing the quotes available, pick the best option without any problems. Finding car insurance will never be easier than this.

Comparison sites make it easy for car drivers to get a great deal on their coverage. Make sure to have all the information on hand before using this site or shopping for car insurance to expedite the process. With these steps, car drivers in the UK can easily find insurance options.

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