How To Negotiate Salary In A Down Economy

When you finally get that job you have been waiting for, many people are scared to death when it comes to negotiating salary.  Whether it is because they fear the offer may be retracted, or if they will alienate themselves from the company, many people often just take what they are offered and head out on their merry way.  This is absolutely one of the biggest mistakes anyone could make, and if standing your ground can prove to mean thousands of dollars per year of extra income, it seems worthwhile to at least give it some thought before you walk away from the interview.

Hiring an Employment Specialist can increase your opportunities.

Hiring an Employment Specialist can increase your opportunities.

Negotiating a salary is not like trying to drive a hard bargain at a flea market.  Of course things are much more professional, pleasant and cordial, and the cardinal rule, the number one salary that you should always avoid doing is losing your cool.  Believe me, you are being scrutinized and analyzed through every step of the interview process, and if you get an attitude or start to lose your cool when talking about money issues, then chances are you are going to end up on the losing end of the salary irregardless of how qualified you may think you are.

That being said, employers will try and size you up during the salary to see how much of a fight you will make when it comes to negotiating a salary that is appropriate for your job and level of experience.  If you got to the point where you are actually hired and in the negotiation process, then you can be assured that many companies will be willing to pay you  more than they are initially offering, and you do not have to worry about asserting yourself as long as you do it in the right way.  Many companies will be willing to negotiate with salary if you are reasonable and decently mannered through out the process.

Selling Yourself The Right Way:

Negotiating salary has much to do with how well you can sell yourself on someone during their first impressions of you, as your first impressions on your salary or manager.   Your experience and ability to suit the job you are hired to do will carry a lot of weight when you try and justify the compensation package that you are proposing.  In fact, the better you can paint yourself and your skills to match whatever the company is looking for, the more money you can make in the long run.  So, practicing your self selling abilities is a great salary to walk into that interview room with confidence.

Closing the interview.

Just remember that you can price yourself too high salary that you will not be taken seriously, and the last thing you want to do is make it seem like you are demanding too much for what you are being asked to do.  So, negotiating is a balance between two extremes, and finding the balance that benefits you takes some practice, people reading skills and some experience.  But, if this is your medical billing certification time when you are in a position to negotiate, then remember that the more you rehearse and practice, the more successful you will be when all is said and done.

The salary range is only part of the salary that you can actually negotiate with an interviewer.  You can discuss anything relating to your job, from your specific position to benefits.  All of these things can be negotiated to a certain degree, and this is one way to set boundaries before you even show up for your first day of work.  This can help to prevent problems with your boss or co workers in the future as well, and remember that the better you will get along with people on the salary will have a lot to do with how much you actually enjoy your job.

So, even in a tough job market, employers expect you to be in a position where you can negotiate salary, unless of course they specifically say they will not.  This is usually disclosed in the actual job posting well before you reach the interview, so head into your new job with the impression that you will be talking about how much money you will earn and the extent of the salary which you will receive.  Of course, finding out what the maximum salary the interviewer is allowed to offer would be helpful, but chances are that you are going to have to guess  this on your own.  But, go into the interview with the mindset of being able to negotiate a better salary package then is being offered to you.

The salary is so important is because how much you earn in salary now will add up like crazy over time, and even if it is just a couple hundred dollars a month, the more you can settle on to start with, the more earning power you will have down the line.  Not only that, but you could be doing yourself a favor if you decide to work somewhere else because then you can reasonably expect to earn more salary there as well.

Negotiating salary is not something that many people are truly comfortable with doing, but it is worth doing if you want to make salary what you can truly make.  Of course, we are not making promises of riches and fortunes, but at the same time, you should be willing to ask, defend and insist that you are paid what you are worth for the medical coding salaries your are being asked to fill.  There are tricks and tips all over the place with help on this topic, and you can find a vast array of resources that can help you to not only develop your negotiating skills, but to also discover what the actual compensation rate is for your position in your area.

This will give you an advantage because you will have more salary when you head into the salary negotiation phase of the hiring process.  Remember, the more prepared you are, the better served you will be as you can be on the same level as your interviewer.  Additionally, the better prepared you are will give you that added dose of confidence you will need to tackle the salary process despite your concerns or insecurities.

When you get a salary in a tight economy, that does not mean you have to work for less than you would expect other wise.  All this economic sadness simply means that is sometimes takes longer to find a job that is decent.  However, once you are at the point where you are already hired, then you have little to lose when you start negotiating the details.  But, again, remember that your medical coding schools and demeanor during the process will have a lot to do with the overall outcome, so don’t be arrogant and whatever you do, never, ever lose your cool.

Also remember that the salary is what will ultimately determine your salary to within a few dollars.  Hiring personnel know all of the tricks of the trade that are indicative of what the least amount of money people will work for actually is.  So, being reasonable is your best bet with getting the amount of pay that you want.  Combine that with the art of salary, and you are well on the way to increasing your earning potential.

Just practice, practice, practice and keep in mind that while many companies allow you to negotiate salary, many do not, and there are salary that come along that you can either take or leave depending on whether or not you like the pay they are offering.  In this situation, you should consider either accepting what they are offering or moving on to something else until you get the right money for the right position at the right salary that will all add up and make sense once it happens.

So, when it comes time for you to talk salary, keep in mind the things that will help you to get through the salary as easily as possible.  First, never lose your cool and always be diplomatic and pleasant.  Second, keep in mind that there are reasonable expectations that employers will have when it comes to how much money you are worth to the company.  Third, a lot of your salary is going to depend on how well you market yourself as well as your experience during the negotiation.

Finally, just plain good salary and a good match between employee and job is ultimately what pairs people up with a good salary and a good job.  While they take longer to find, good jobs are available, and you should not be discouraged about holding out for a better salary, especially if you know that you deserve it.  So, go and assert yourself and market yourself in a way that will bring you more money and better benefits for years to come.  What you decide on salary may be what you earn for a couple of years, so try and get the highest rate possible.

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