How To Watch Amazon Prime In Europe

amazon primeEveryone loves Netflix. The nice thing is that one can even watch their content even when not residing in the US. The only trouble is that they do not always show the latest content. It makes sense to check out Amazon Instant Prime Video whose prime service offers almost the same content that you get when using Netflix. The best part is that Amazon allows you to pay per view even if you do not subscribe to their prime services. What’s more, even if you are not living in the US, you can avail of these services.

Amazon does however check on your geographical location to find out whether or not you are permitted to watch their American content. If you want to learn about how to watch Amazon Prime in Europe then you have to complete two basic steps. First of all, you will need to create a US payment method on Amazon. You can easily do this by picking a random American address. To find such an address, you should do a Google search for a credit card that is registered on Amazon. There is no need to worry about this because at a later time you can revert this step. Alternatively, you can also think about buying some Amazon gift cards, which you can then send to yourself to pay for your Amazon Instant Prime Videos.

watching moviesSecondly, and this is a very important step, you will need to make sure that when Amazon verifies your IP address that that is an American IP address. Since you are not living in the US, when Amazon finds this out they will turn down your request. One option available to you to get an American IP address is to make use of a VPN. It is easy to buy a VPN for as little as five dollars per month. However, VPNs do not always work all too well and so it makes sense to look for a better option. VPN does not work well when you want to stream videos, as the speed is very slow.

It makes more sense to use a DNS redirection system that is known as Unblock US. You can also use this for Netflix. It also works very well with Amazon Instant Prime Video. To make use of this option, the first thing that you need to do is get yourself an Unblock account. Secondly, you will need to configure your device so that it refers to their DNS service. The nice thing about this step is that it is not very complicated. All that you need to do is setup your Internet connection and the entire process won’t take more than five minutes to complete. Simply input the Unblock-US DNS servers. Once you are connected to the DNS servers of Unblock-US you are good to go.

The third step involves installing and running Amazon Instant Prime Video. After using your Unblock-US subscription you can go to Amazon Instant Prime Video and then there is nothing to stop you from viewing movies from there. All that you need to do is first confirm your device from your PC and after that you can rent/buy videos.

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