Technology Review Of Cabinet Cooler Panels

cabinet panel cooler

A cabinet panel cooler.

Cabinet Cooler Panels are third generation accessories that are engineered to cool and purge electronic control panels. They are fitted with special features that enable them to provide air conditioning in electrical enclosures and effectively eliminate electronic control downtime caused by moisture dirt and heat. The best models are very efficient, reliable, and easy to install.

How a cabinet cooler panel works?

The cooler panel has a vortex tube that allows smooth flow of compressed air, which is later converted into two streams of cold and hot air. The hot air is muffled and exhausted through the vortex tube exhaust while the cold air is discharged into the control cabinet through a special cold air distribution kit. As a result, the hot air inside the cabinet rises and is released into the atmosphere through the cabinet’s air exhaust. The panels are designed not to allow outside air to enter the control panel. The main essence of doing this is to ensure that temperature inside the panel remains optimal.

Cabinet Panel Cooler Diagram

Cabinet Panel Cooler Diagram

One of the major benefits of using cabinet panel coolers is that they are cost effective and very reliable as compared to the conventional electronic temperature management systems. Here are some of the benefits that can be derived from the modern models.

No Noise Pollution:

There are fitted with modern parts that minimize noise pollution. This means that you can use it even in offices and conference rooms.

Reduce Repair and Maintenance Expenses:

This is one of the major aspects that differentiate between the best counter cooler panels and their counterparts. The new models have no moving parts; this helps to reduce repair and maintenance expenses that would have been incurred by wear.

Compact Design:

The coolers have a compact design that makes it very easy for one to move them when relocating or changing the layout of your office. More importantly, they are light in weight.

Ability to Stabilize Humidity

They have a special capability of stabilizing humidity in electrical enclosure more efficiently than the traditional models. By installing them, you can rest assured that your electronic will always be working in an environment that promotes functionalism of their internal parts.

Cost Effective:

To survive the harsh economic environment, it is imperative to look for ways of reducing your operating costs. One way of doing this is by reducing your monthly electrical bills and boosting functionalism of your electronics. As mentioned earlier, cabinet panel coolers are economical on power. The long-term benefits that you will derive from them surpass the initial cost.


A standard cooler.

It is of paramount importance to ensure that you purchase a cabinet panel cooler from an accredited supplier. For over 15 years, Steamtek Corp has been providing top quality cooling products to hundreds if not thousands of clients from all across the globe. The clean record of accomplishment and reputation that it has maintained over the years is clear proof that we deliver on our promises.

Professionalism, diligence, and transparency are some of the corner pillars that our company is founded on. To ensure that you get value for your money, all the products are sourced from leading manufacturing companies who have been supplying high quality products for decades.

Revitalize your electronic temperature management system by investing in the third generation cabinet panel coolers.

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