The Buying Of Twitter Followers: Is It Worth the Cost?

urlHaving a solid foundation of followers on Twitter can actually be a great career move. For many professionals, their success directly depends on their influence and personal brand. However, as most people know, achieving a following isn’t an easy task. Instead of spending years working towards this, many people are turning to buying Twitter followers. Many companies sell followers so it’s a simple task.

Cost and Quality:

The cost of purchasing followers varies depending on the site. However, purchasing a few thousand costs only a few hundred dollars at the month. Since the purchasing process can be vague though, it’s a good idea to understand that not all purchased followers are the same. In fact, there are two different types of followers that can be purchased.
Targeted followers are people who are likely to be interested in the topics tweeted about. Marketing companies may charge a high fee to identify these followers and then work to persuade them to follow a person through a variety of marketing techniques. This may be more expensive, but can actually result in genuine fans and followers, providing a mutually beneficial situation.

Created followers are mass-produced accounts that are not run by individuals. Their only action is to ad the numbers of a follower account. Suppliers in other countries make these fake accounts and sell them in bulk. Anyone who is fairly technical can make up nonexistent persons, making sure that each account looks real enough to not be caught as a robot. In a typical day, these individuals may sell 30 or more orders of a thousand followers. Many celebrities, models, and other stars have been known to purchase created followers simply to boost their appeals and ratings. In this case, the buyer should beware. Buying the fake followers doesn’t result in more retweets or responses. It simply adds to the number.

Increased Popularity:

238381-1oNPdY1417243429Many people who have purchased followers notice that they actually do begin to get more real followers. This is probably because as a person’s popularity grows on Twitter, their profile begins to show up more in other users boxes, suggesting them to be followers. For this reason, purchasing targeted and created followers can be a smart move.

Potential Downsides:

There are disadvantages to purchasing followers though. Apps have been developed which are designed to determine how many of a person’s followers are real or fake. While some celebrities and well-known public figures have been criticized for purchasing followers, the risk of being caught is fairly small as it may be difficult to prove.
Another disadvantage is that it would be very difficult to remove fake followers. To get rid of any inauthentic followers, a person would have to manually sort through each one, taking care to not get rid of any genuine followers.

For many people, purchasing Twitter followers can have significant benefits. If considering this route, it’s a good idea to think about both the benefits and downsides before proceeding. We recommend Cittadini di Twitter as they are one of the premier sources for purchasing twitter followers. Make sure to know whether purchasing targeted or created followers as well for the best results.

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