The Growing Popularity Of Airsoft

airsoftOver the last few years, Airsoft has become very popular with indoor facilities and outdoor ranges opening up in every city. Airsoft can provide you a great deal of entertainment on the field with your friends. If you are new to the game and are on the market to buy yourself an airsoft gun, here are some pointers that you would need to keep in perspective to make an informed decision.

Decide on a Budget:

Airsoft guns have steadily gained immense popularity over the years and owing to this, they have become increasingly expensive to acquire. The thing about buying an airsoft gun is that once you start playing with them, you will want to constantly upgrade your weapon from time to time. This makes it a costly affair before you even realize it. So, it’s always better to start with a relatively cheap model when you’re starting out. Once you find yourself getting involved and enjoying it more, you can choose to make a higher investment for a better model.

Of course, you always have the option to go for used airsoft guns. The advantage of going for a used gun is that you can actually get a higher priced weapon along with accessories for much less.


airsoft gunsBefore you buy your weapon, make sure you have an idea of what kind of role you would like to take in the game. You can choose from being a CQB, a sniper, a support gunner, or just somebody who provides covering fire. It’s important to find a role that you think you will excel at, or you might just end up feeling left out. Once you have your role, you can choose the weapon of that matches your abilities. Close quarter battle guns are relatively small to facilitate easy maneuverability. As a sniper, you will need a heavy and expensive gun that comes with a powerful bolt action. Support gunners require heavy but hard impact machine guns. If you are just thinking about providing some covering fire, you can choose just about any assault rifle that comes with a high capacity magazine.

Take Your Time to Window Shop:

Once you’re in the market, you will be getting plenty of advice on what are the most “popular” models to buy. However, you need to buy according to your preferences, not because somebody is telling you it is best.

Popular Models:

M14 and M16 series – This is the most popular model in the current scenario among airsoft guns. One of the biggest advantages is the wide range of upgrades that comes with this model. From scopes and hand grips to other internal upgrades, you have everything to make your game more exciting.

MP5 – Although this doesn’t provide you with as much of options in external upgrades like grips and scopes, you have access to an extensive array of internal upgrades. These guns are perfect for close quarter battles since it is one of the smaller and yet powerful models.

AK-47 and AK-74 – The advantage of this model is that it provides a wide range of body styles to choose from. You have the basic models to more advanced models that provide you more punch as you climb the price range. This is the second most popular gun on the market now.

Apart from these popular models, always make it a point to scan the market for models that are not as popular as the above. They just might suit your combat style better. You never know. The concept is to choose the weapon that works for you.

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