Tips For Losing Belly Fat And Sculpting Great Abs

12827057451413285551_574_0-300x200Vanity is not the only motivation for men who want their belly fat replaced by tight abs that you could bounce a quarter off. Excess fat in the abdomen surrounds the organs and gives you a beer belly. This unsightly stomach can make you vulnerable to diabetes, heart disease and some cancers.

If you’re having a hard time getting rid of your belly fat, it could be for several reasons. Maybe you’re getting older and your metabolism is slowing down. You may be focusing too much on cardio workouts – they are not enough for losing belly fat. You also need weight training to build muscle and burn more calories throughout the day. Muscle can burn more calories than fat can. You’re probably stressed out and not getting enough sleep, or eating too much processed food (and the wrong fats).

There’s no quick and easy way to get those washboard abs that you admire on pin-up models. But with the right lifestyle choices, you can begin to work towards it right now!

1. Eat Clean

You’ll only be wasting your time working out with no results, if you don’t make your diet healthy. This means cutting out processed foods and the wrong types of fats. Refined grains and sugars in crackers, sweetened drinks etc. increase inflammation in the body and make it harder to lose fat. Switch to antioxidant-rich whole grains, vegetables and fruits that can actually keep belly fat away.

Also eat good fats over bad. This means avoiding saturated fats (found in dairy and meats) and choosing avocados, olive oil, and fatty fish like salmon, walnuts and sunflower seeds which contain good omega-3 fatty acids. It’s also advisable to eat a protein-rich diet, rather than too many carbohydrates, in order to support muscle-building exercises.

2. Challenge yourself with Interval Training

Hanging-Leg-Raise-B-200x300Interval training – combining high intensity exercises with moderate or low intensity exercises – is great for burning calories fast, improving speed and increasing endurance. Rather than cycling at a steady pace for 40 minutes, it is more effective to cut the time to 20 minutes but alternate between 10-second sprints and 10-second cycling bouts. Go all out for as long as you can, because the goal is to burn more calories. If your workout isn’t challenging enough, you may be spending several hours a week at the gym without results.

Experts recommend 125 minutes of high intensity exercises a week or 250 minutes of moderately intense exercises. Fit these in along with ab workouts like bicycle crunches, planks, jumping jacks, Russian twists etc. for more effective calorie burning. You can find interval workouts at to get you started.

3. Include functional exercises

It is not possible to spot reduce, so endless crunches are not enough to bring out your six pack. Do other functional exercises that work on your back, abdominals, obliques, pelvic region and other body parts as well. These exercises help to strengthen core muscles of the lower back and abdomen, and so you burn more calories when you do them. Planks, for instance, are great for activating your core muscles as well as the muscles of your legs, arms and buttocks. Find more functional exercises at at The Abs Man.

4. Sleep well

Besides exercises and diet, getting the right amount of rest is essential in weight loss regimens. Studies have shown that people who sleep six to seven hours each night gain less fat around the belly (visceral fat that surrounds your organs) in the long term than those who sleep less than 5 or more than 8 hours a night.

Also be sure to de-stress with your favorite leisure activity so that you are able to make better choices for yourself. Get started with your new lifestyle and you’ll soon be on your way to sculpting the washboard abs you’ve been dreaming of.

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