Tips On How Young Drivers Can Get Cheap Car Insurance

young drivers insuranceIt is mandatory to have a car insurance policy here in the United Kingdom. One of the benefits is that it covers you from various unforeseen occurrences such as theft and accidents. There are hundreds of accredited insurance companies that offer special car insurance for young drivers. Due to the high risk, this policy is usually more expensive than the ordinary policies. Here are some tips on how to get affordable yet comprehensive car insurance policy.

Purchase Cheap Car:

The most expensive cars attract high insurance premiums, as their features are more expensive and sophisticated as compared to the cheap models. When looking for your first car, go for a cheap model to save money for other need in the future. Virtually all cars in the market are categorized in 50 different car insurance groups. The cheapest cars to insure for new drivers are usually found in groups one to five.

Avoid Car Modifications as Much as Possible:

Car modification such as body kits and alloy wheels are appealing to the young generation of drivers who yearn to personalize their cars to resonate with their personality and preferences. Unknown to them is that such modifications increase insurance premiums. You can decide to replace the modified parts with cheaper ones in a local professional garage to save money.

Seek an Extra Driving Qualification:

young driver insuranceThe Pass Plus scheme is one of the extra driving qualification that is highly recognized by most insurance companies in and around UK. Quick research online show that global companies such as AA and Churchill offer affordable premiums to young drivers who pass this qualification. It takes only six hours to complete the test hence you do not have to sacrifice all your other daily commitments.

Go for Yearly Package:

Currently the average cost of a good car insurance premium is $900 – $1,100. Now, most young drivers will be reluctant to part with such a huge amount of money at a go. Instead, they opt to pay the premiums on a monthly basis. This is actually expensive, as you will have to cater for the monthly interest charges. Bottom line; save money by choosing the yearly package.

Consider Adding a Name of an Experienced Driver When Filing Application Form:

This is one of ingenious ways of reduce your car insurance premiums. You will surely get a discount by adding the name of a driver who has a proven record of accomplishment. Preferably, he or she should be older and more experienced.

Level of Cover that You Need:

Comprehensive car insurance policy is usually very expensive because it not covers the policyholder but also third parties involved in the unforeseen incident such as accident. Based on this fact, it is recommendable to compare and contrast the premiums offered by different companies as well as level of cover that you need.

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