What Is L-Theanine And How Can It Improve Your Mind For Business

ltheanineA type of amino acid, L-Theanine offers relaxation without causing sedation to those who take it. Generally, it is present in teas made from the plant called Camellia Sinensis. Once taken, it affects your entire system by minimizing stress, specifically when you obtain the standard dosage for this substance. However, proper care should be observed to ensure the results you want and eliminate any risks to your body and overall health.

What It Does:

Obtained mainly from tea leaves, Theanine is found in green or black tea. The tea plant often grows into shrub, while others can reach more than 9 meters in height. It commonly grows in eastern Asia, and once the plant is mature, it is pruned for cultivation at a length of 60 centimeters to as much as 1.5 meters.

L-Theanine was first used as a main component of green tea. However, ever since the early 1960, this substance has become a part of herb teas, soft drinks and chocolates. There are also green tea infusions that contain theanine, which gives the beverage a savory quality. These were among the traditional functions of this substance.

There are several effects that L-Theanine offers to people. For instance, it has been noted to improve one’s concentration and mood. There have been studies conducted on how this substance allows the body to relax, particularly when anxiety is present. Hence, the calming effect ensures a more positive mood without causing the person to become sedated. Although you may experience a sense of relaxation, you do not end up feeling drowsy or lightheaded.

Features and Benefits:

The substance L-Theanine is an amino acid (water-soluble). While it is common in black and green tea, there are some mushrooms that may contain theanine. Dry tea leaves contain about 1 to 2 percent of this substance. The variety of edible mushroom that has this chemical is the Boletus badius. It grows in the United States, and it is ready for harvest during autumn or late summer. The mushroom comes with a brownish to reddish color, and the stem grows up to a height of 12 centimeters. The white flesh of the mushroom appears light blue or greenish once it is cut.

The primary use of L-Theanine is to relieve stress and anxiety. In fact, the moment it enters the body, the effect can be felt within 30 minutes. It is also helpful to people who are having some difficulty with focusing or concentrating since it offers an improvement in one’s cognition by keeping them relaxed yet alert, at the same time. Learning is achieved as the brain no longer focuses on things that are regarded as distractions. Those who are performing in tests are also benefited without undergoing agitation or tension common with caffeine intake.

It is recommended that you take L-Theanine with the supervision of a physician, and the right dosage should also be followed accordingly. Standard dosage is at 200 mg, although it can go as high as 400 mg, depending on your doctor’s advice. You may also check http://nootriment.com/theanine/ for this supplement that is designed to improve mood, concentration, and eliminate stress and anxieties safely.

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